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Myriem citizen of the world: Histoire d’une poupée.




Presenting students

C. ICEBREAKING ACTIVITIES (e.g. „Sharing my native language”)

Descover our country
A. FINDING A FRIEND FOR MYRIEM(creating a mascot in each school)

Our doll, Măriuca.

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International days diary

27 October – World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The audiovisual heritage comprises all forms of moving images and recorded sounds, separately or together, whether or not intended for public distribution, and regardless of the means of creation, preservation or delivery, or the personal or organizational nature of the custodian.

All of the world’s audiovisual heritage is endangered. Therefore the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage and the Memory of the World Programme, have become the two key actions for UNESCO and the world to honour preservation professionals that help to safeguard this heritage for future generations despite the many technical, political, social, financial and other factors that threaten its survival.

In Romania, television  was inaugurated in 1956 and became a real concept under the name TVR. The interest of citizens for this form of communication was very high, therefore the confirming figures increased the demand in television . However, due to political control and economic reasons, the development of  television production is carried out with great difficulty. The year 1989 is an important year in the history of television in Romania. In December 1989 TVR has the opportunity to broadcast live one of the major events of the recent history of Romania, known as the 1989 Romanian  Revolution.

In our high school, we tried to help students understand how important audiovisual heritage is and why it has such a major impact on how we understand the historical background from over 60 years ago. We presented them video footage of communism, the Revolution but also from cultural events such as „Cerbul de Aur”,retrieved form the TVR archive. We also recommanded them a list of movies that present Romanian traditions, social and political information and also a few drops of comedy here and there. The students received the footage very well and were very interested in how people used to live then,their habits and especially how they managed to go through such a hard period. We were very happy to see that they managed to assimilate the information better and be more interested in our country’s history.

In our presentation, we used this video:

Audiovisual 1

Audiovisual 2

Audiovisual 3

20151103_105215 20151103_105238 20151103_105520

16 October: World Food day

17 October : Eradication of Poverty

Poverty is one of the most serious issues facing the world today. Food, hygiene and education are the main problems of the poorest countries in the world. Because poverty is a problem that is facing some families in our city National College “Grigore Ghica” students decided to help. Such activity was held at the school through which students donated food, money and possessions. These were collected and then distributed to families.

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18 October: EU Anti-trafficking Day

Human trafficking has always been an unsolved issue to European Union’s countries. Since now, numerous countries have taken action against it, but it seems that awareness is still to be increased even more nowadays. Our highschool planned an activity raising awareness amongst teenagers and it has successfully implemented new ideas and moral values regarding trafficking. We presented pieces of information, videos and practical solutions, statistics and features and we have received a very positive feedback from students: they seemed open to hearing more, to gaining experience and to expanding knowledge. In our amphitheater, we shared opinions, pieces of advice and we discussed this major issue in terms of European citizenship. We discovered that many of the students haven’t heard the rate of traffic in our country is higher than normal, therefore, the workshop had a prospect for future.

 20 October: World Osteoporosis Day


 World Statistics Day

Acquisition and interpretation of data

Answer the question with A or B.

From question 1 to 7, if you have at least 4 answers with “A”than you are sensitive and at least 4 answers with “B” mean you are non sensitive.

From question 8 to 14, if you have at least 4 answers with “A”than you are inactive and at least 4 answers with “B”mean you are active.

From question 15 to 21, , if you have at least 4 answers with “A”than you are primary and at least 4 answers with “B”mean you are secondary.

Now look at these temperaments:

  • Sensitive-inactive-primary= nervous
  • Sensitive-inactive-secondary= soulful
  • Sensitive-active-primary= choleric
  • Sensitive-active-secondary= passional
  • Non sensitive-active-primary= sanguine (realistic)
  • Non sensitive-active-secondary=phlegmatic
  • Non sensitive-inactive-primary= amorphous
  • Non sensitive-inactive-secondary= listless

Choose one answer, which characterize you, for next 21 questions with A or B. Do not choose the answer you prefer but the one that really represents you. If you need, you can ask a friend or someone from your family which of the answers (A or B) fits best with your character. If this rule is not respected, the result will be wrong.

A. I am very impressed even by insignificant facts.

B. I am nervous just in serious situations.

A. I am excited and resentful for nothing.

B. Usually I am calm, I do not overact.

3. A. When I talk, generally, I speak out or become fractious.

B. I usually talk calm, easy.

A. It happens to be to become suddenly angry or happy.

B. I do not change my mood instantaneous and I am not influenced by others moods.

A. Sometimes I am so nervous that I get stuck, paralyzed.

B. This never happened to me. I can face any situation.

A. A jocke can hurt me so much that I am simply choked up.

B. Words can’t hurt me because I appreciate just the facts.

A. When I watch a movie, I am really in the action, I start to laught or cry, become angry or it calms me.

B. The facts presented in a movie are not real so they do not influence me. Is possible to be amused, but that’s all.

A. In my sparetime I use to sleep, relax,etc.

B. In my sparetime I use to study, work, do sports.

A. I hardly start doing things that I think about.

B. Is enough to have a little idea and I put it in practice.

A. In general I don’t like to take risks. I think that time solve anything and I expect things to solve themselves.

B. When I plan to do something, I will do it no matter what.

A. Instead of doing a lot of simple things, I prefer to think more and do a single thing.

B. I like to do something all the time, to invent, to practice.

A. I don’t do something unless I have a good reason.

B. I am always busy. I can’t just stay without doing something.

A. I prefer to watch a game than play it.

B. I prefer to play a game than watch it.

A. I get tired easily even when I like what I work at.

B. I have a big work capacity, I am resistant.

A. I start to do a lot of things, but most of them remain unfinished.

B. I devise long-term plans and in time I realize them.

A. I always change my mind when I find something new.

B. I am constant in what I like and what I dislike.

A. I succed in passing over problems.

B. I remain upset for a long time when I have a problem.

A. When I am angry I start yelling and talking about it.

B. When I am angry I keep that feeling inside so that no one nows.

A. Future is important, but I prefer to say that I live every moment.

B. Present mean so little comparing with past and future.

A. I get bored when I do the same things, I prefer changes.

B. I like to respect a program. I dislike unknow things.

A. I am very friendly and instead of the fact that I talk a lot about myself, I always surprise people who know me with some ideas.

B. Is hard to get to know me, I use to keep everything fo myself and not share my ideas.


In a group of people aged between 15 and 18 years old, with girls anf boys, 40% of girls were sensitive-inactive-secondary (solful), 30% were non sensitive-active-primary (sanguine), 20% were sensitive-active-secondary (choleric) and 10% and 35% of boys were sensitive-active-secondary (passional), 25% were non sensitive-active-primary (sanguine), 25 % sensitive-inactive-primary ( nervous) and 15% non sensitive-active-secundary (phlegmatic).

December-end of April
A. CITIZENSHIP OF A COUNTRY AND CITIZENSHIP OF THE „WORLD”: Finding the common values/obligations and rights
b1. Action in local circles
b2. Action in the widest circle
b2.1. A collaborative story (preferably cartoons/comic strips joined together) about freedom in belonging (membership) in a group (country, religion, other)
b2.2. Myriems and friends playlist
b2.3. „Meet me beyond the borders”

A. E-book
B. Virtual tour
C. Evaluation of the project


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